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Citibank Reviews

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  • Customer Service

    I put in a card application on 7/7/17. My application was approved on 7/12/17. I was informed that I would receive my card 7-10 business days. On 7/22 I had yet to receive my card. On 7/27 I called and they had the wrong address so I changed my address. On 7/28 they reported my card lost and said they would EXPEDITE me a new card to be here by Monday 7/31. Guess what? STILL NOT HERE. Today is 8/2/17 and I spoke with yet another customer service rep who informed me you cannot expedite cards and I was lied to. So, here I am, still without a card. I am completely dissatisfied. If it... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    angrywithciti's Picture   angrywithciti    0 Comments   Comments
  • Account information you sent just waiting for hackers

    CItibank just send me my credit score in an email. I did not request it and don't want it in my gmail account. I want citibank to stop sending my personal financial information to my email. I did not request my credit score and they have left my information available to hackers. Since anyone can purchase googles' customer information, they make me vulnerable to hackers any time hey send me account information. STOP IT. Use the post office if you have something of importance or tell me to log on for a message. But never send any account information to my email again. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Sherlock66's Picture   Sherlock66    0 Comments   Comments
  • Citibank keep making mistake

    I have terrible experience with Citibank HK, my husband transferred USD 318,050 to my account in Canada on Mar.3, but I still didn't got the money, Citibank HK made big mistake twice to my account name, I really don't know how they can make same mistake twice, it's still not solved by Mar.20 and they seemed have no idea about when I can get the money. I need the money urgently, it seemed what I can do is to raise my complain. my email is: More...
    wangaj's Picture   wangaj    0 Comments   Comments
  • supported reported scam

    this card is terrible for seniors. They tried to force me to accept a charge for a reported scam of more than $00.00 and refused to hear comments from ten year customer. Subsequently and at great cost, important people convinced the perpetrator to admit scam and issue me some credit. I since have put a dispute on my only remaining account and they ignore the dispute. SO SENIORS BEWARE OF THIS UNETHICAL FIRM More...
    bobxburnham's Picture   bobxburnham    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time wasting

    I had made an online application on their website to open a new current account. I was informed a form would arrive within a week. After 2 weeks I rung them up and they informed me that there was no proper file for me on their database and that they would send me another copy. 2 weeks later, I rung again as I still had not received anything. A month later, I finally receive this form. However, the form's cover letter was dated a month before... Is the postman at fault, or Citibank's efficiency? More...
    (Delivery Services)
    pingpong12's Picture   pingpong12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Citbank Penalizes Customers For Making Monthly Payments

    I have been a Citibank Credit Card Customer for over twenty years. I use the card to make major purchases, which I pay back in monthly payments. So imagine my dismay when I received a bill for $1.33 interest, because the purchase I made in December 2012 was not paid in full until March 2013. Customer Service Reps told me balances must be paid in full within 30 days from the date of purchase. Also,I will be charged $35 penalties & interest each month until my $1.33 is received! This certainly sounds like being penalized for making monthly payments. Plus I never received any notice... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    grannygoody's Picture   grannygoody    0 Comments   Comments


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